The Heart of Our House

Dining Table

I am not a materialistic person. As a glance at the barely-there contents of my wardrobe would tell you, the accumulation of stuff holds no interest. But there a handful of objects in our house that I really, really love.

One of those is our dining table.

It is a beast of a thing. Seven feet by five. Six sturdy planks of unidentified tropical hardwood, some of which are starting to separate so far that I can fit a whole hand down the resulting gap. The top is covered in scars, scrapes and gashes – each one a story. It holds secrets, this table – layers and layers of history. Continue reading

Testing, testing

Red road sign STOP

Disclaimer: If you’re of a nervous disposition and/or related to me in any way, you should probably give this one a miss. Just saying.

It’s always a bit nerve-wracking seeing a new doctor, isn’t it? A good GP isn’t just someone who writes out your prescriptions, it’s someone you have to really trust. A good GP needs to be someone you’re comfortable to have see you at your weakest and most vulnerable – someone who, over time, gets to know all the foibles of your little family.

After we moved, finding a new family doctor was the one thing that I kept pushing to the bottom of the to-do list. But six months into Tasmanian life, when everything else on the list had been ticked off, I finally had to get on and do it.

To save time, I made a double appointment. We could zip through the list of things DorkySon needed – vaccinations, allergy testing, height and weight – and then zip through mine – a couple of prescriptions and a referral for some blood tests – and be out of there in a single trip.

It went really well. The doctor was very nice. A mother herself, she had a very sweet manner with DorkySon, and the fifteen minutes passed without tears or drama. Continue reading

Happy 5th Birthday, DorkySon

red birthday balloon

My dear, sweet DorkySon turns five today.

Where do I even begin writing about how he has grown and changed in the last year? It is beyond anything I could ever have imagined. He has always been fun. He has always been smart, and kind, and made me laugh, but in the last twelve months he has become a person I genuinely enjoy spending time with. Not because he’s my son, or because there is any obligation, but because he rocks. Continue reading

Project 52, Week 13


I’m doing something a bit different for Week 13. Instead of just posting one image I’m posting a mini collage of all my Instagram photos from the last week.

I’ve only joined Instagram recently, but I’m really enjoying it. It’s a visual equivalent of a notebook – I snap shots on my phone camera of daily life – as I’m walking DorkySon to kindy, as I’m cleaning the house, or out to dinner – and then I can choose whether to share them through other social media channels like Facebook and Twitter too. Some are fun. Some are silly. Some are terrible photos, but they capture an important moment.

Because I’m getting on so well with Instagram, I’ve decided that I won’t be blogging the rest of my Project 52. The whole reason for doing it was to consciously take more photos, and now I’ve found another way of achieving that. There will still be room for some photos on the blog, just not as a weekly exercise.

If you’re on Instagram yourself and you’d like to come over and say hello, please do.