Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary in Pictures

kangaroo Bonorong Tasmania

We had some friends from the UK staying last week and, as is always the way, we seemed to fit in more visits to local attractions in that five days that we had managed in the previous five months. It was lovely being able to share some of my favourite Hobart spots with them – the view from the top of Mount Nelson, fish and chips at Maning Reef, and a lovely sunny walk in the Botanic Gardens – but the highlight for me was a trip out to Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary. Here are a few pictures from the day. Continue reading

Mid Winter

Hobart winter weather

We’ve just had two weeks of school holidays here. I had thought – given that it’s the middle of winter – it might be one of those breaks where time would drag and boredom would kick in after a day or two, but if anything the opposite was true. The fortnight flew past and when DorkySon went back to school on Monday it seemed far too soon.

He is a boy after my own heart. On the last day of term I asked what he wanted to do for a celebratory treat. He replied that he’d like a visit to the bookshop, then fish and chips and ice cream. So that’s what we did, followed by a beautiful early evening walk along the Hobart waterfront. DorkySon rarely comes out with us in the evenings – he still likes to snuggle into bed before 7 – so it is rare for him to be out in the dark. He loved the lights, and the live music that was being performed in Brooke Street Pier. Continue reading

5 conversations which prove I am winning at parenting


We are in the car. Why do these conversations always start in the car?

DorkySon: I don’t think I want to eat blueberries anymore.

Me: Why not? I thought you liked them.

DorkySon: I do, but they always roll off the plate.

Me: They don’t if the plate is sitting on the table like it should be.

DorkySon: Also, I didn’t really want to tell you this, but do you know what I do with them when they roll off the plate?

Me: … No. What do you do?

DorkySon: I hide them behind the shelves in the den.

Me: Lots of them?

DorkySon: Mmmm. Quite a few.

Me: That’s not a very good idea. We might get ants or mice in the house trying to eat them.

DorkySon: Perhaps when we get home I should show you…

Me: Perhaps you should. Continue reading

Back Online

Hobart Tasmania



I’m just back from a month offline. Some part of me must have realised that June was going to be hectic, because it passed in an absolute blur of busy-ness and I honestly didn’t have time to miss social media. I didn’t have time to do much of the reading or walking I was planning on either, although DorkySon and I did walk to school on a couple of cold, crisp mornings that were just beautiful. Continue reading

Keep It In The Ground

Guardian campaign logo Keep It In the Ground

I’ve been saying to myself for a while that I need to get back into some kind of campaigning again, but it has been hard to know what. As a non-voter in Australia I feel a bit odd about getting involved with a political party across here, and obviously I can grumble about UK politics as much as I like but I’m not really in a position to do much about it. There doesn’t seem to be as much of a lively NGO sector here as there was in Scotland, and family life means that I feel less inclined to spend my weekends waving placards and shimmying up lampposts. Although somewhat ironically having a family means that I’m now keener than ever to see a world which is safe and happy for DorkySon to grow up in. Continue reading