That Friday Feeling!

It’s Friday. DorkySon has just gone to bed, there are scallops in the kitchen waiting to be cooked, and an American Idol results show on later… life is good.

I promised that I was going to make Friday my photo day, but I’ve not had the chance to get out and about with my camera this week because of the weather (I know, I know… rain is no excuse for staying in when you live in Scotland) and because I have a throat infection and feel a bit pants.

However, to celebrate the weekend, and to celebrate the fact that the Edinburgh Fringe programme will be out about a month from now, and to celebrate the good news I got this week about my involvement with Fest magazine this year (it’s not definite yet, so I’m probably going to get in trouble, but it’s a two word phrase that begins with ‘Kids’ and ends with ‘Editor’), here is a big old smiley face from last year’s Fringe Festival.

Happy weekend y’all!


One response

  1. Fest! Can’t believe it is going into its tenth year. Will be great to see you on the masthead xxx

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