My Edinburgh Guide: S – Z

We made it! It’s the last installment! I’ve really enjoyed doing my A-Z of Edinburgh, and am hugely grateful to everyone who has read, commented and shared online. Someone asked me a couple of days ago if I was just doing it as a way of ‘filing’ my time in Edinburgh and allowing me to move on from living there and focus my energy on making a home somewhere new. That wasn’t the plan when I started, but on reflection I think they may be right… This is far from all-encompassing, but it has been a fun way of recording many of my best Edinburgh memories that I hadn’t written about before.
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My Guide to Edinburgh: O – R

So after a quick break for some Thanksgiving turkey and spot of armchair activism for Save the Children, I’m back to writing my Edinburgh Guide. Don’t get too excited! Today you get the entries from O-R (a mere 1200 words…), and I’m hoping to do the last two entries later this week. Thanks for sticking with me through this…
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My Edinburgh Guide: K – N

We’re over halfway – hurrah! If you missed my previous ‘Best of Edinburgh’ posts, you can find A-C here, D-G here, and H-J here. Who knows, I might have this thing finished by next week…!
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