Feature Writing


Here are links to some of the pieces of writing I’ve had published elsewhere.

Guardian & Observer

He’s not my father, he’s my husband
Inspirational climate researchers feared dead on Arctic expedition
Death on the Ice

Time Out

13 of Tasmania’s Best Kept Secrets
Guide to North West Tasmania
Guide to Hobart


Our age gap has made our marriage happier
Why mums can’t get sick, ever
My son’s imaginary friend
How acupuncture helped me with PND
The day I asked ‘WHY?’
What you wear as a mum helps you find your tribe
Christmas in Australia as an expat
Parenting as an introvert

The Crafty Pint

Last Rites’ First Rites
Canny Moovers
Moo Brew Single Hop Can
The Smoky, Hoppy, Spotty Dog
Trials and Fermentations
Bruny Island Brews
A Complete Shambles
Two Heads are Better than One
From Wellington to Wellington
The Devils’ New Platform
Raising the Stakes

The Island Review

Welcome to Tasmania
The Whisky Island
Tasmanian Food
A Tassie Summer
Bruny Island
Winter in Tassie


How do you measure motherhood?
Sharing the Cake is Never Easy
Motherhood and Multitasking
The people we lean on

SBS Life

How to be a political activist and a parent
Would you go no shampoo?

Club Mid at Scary Mommy

Marie Kondo, my son, and me
Watching my son learn to love the deep end
The Things He Has Learned

Mothers Always Write: On Love and Language

Literary Mama: Confessions of a Diary Writer

xoJane: The Food Story of my Marriage

The Writers Bloc: The book that I had to read again

Buzzfeed: 18 Signs That You Grew Up in the Western Isles

Elephant Journal: Making sense of motherhood

Tusting: A Bag in the Life Of

Scottish Book Trust: An Island Childhood

Vrai Magazine

A Home in Tasmania
Top 10 Things to do in Tasmania

Mrs Muffintop

Imperfect Parenting
13 Lessons from early motherhood


You know you’ve hit the dirty thirties when…
I hate getting my haircut because I look like Macaulay Culkin


Confessions of a paper hoarder
I am not a poet

Offbeat Home & Life

Why every home needs a terramundi pot
The objects that make a house a home
Why I love my dining table
Dealing with mean words from a toddler

Huffington Post

Beacons: Stories for our not so distant future
Olympic Fever: I was wrong
Take Action to Give Girls Power
A Day in the Life of a Campaigner
Marks and Spencer and Me

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